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April 21 2015

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my reaction to all the bullshit I'm surrounded by everyday 

April 18 2015

March 31 2015

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March 30 2015

March 28 2015

March 27 2015

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Reposted bybeauts beauts

March 26 2015

you. pathetic. weak. people.

March 23 2015

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I think I'll never stop lovin'.


March 18 2015

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Hand Between Legs, Malcolm Liepke (2013) / 505, Arctic Monkeys (2007)

March 15 2015



March 13 2015

życie nauczyło mnie na pewno tej jednej rzeczy: kiedy wybija 3 rano to zostajesz SAM z ewentualną równie samotną paczką fajek i skrzypiącą huśtawką za oknem. 
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